Prawn Cocktail £5.50
Garlic mushrooms £4.95
Pate & toast £4.95
Deep fried brie £4.95
Battered calamri, filo & butterfly prawns £5.50

Main Courses

Roast Turkey & stuffing, vegetables and roast potatoes £9.95
Roast Lamb & mint sauce, vegetables & raost poataoes £9.95
Roast Pork & Apple sauce, vegetables & raost potatoes £9.95
Steak & Kidney pie, vegetables & roast potatoes £9.75

½ Shoulder of Lamb cooked in Rosemary, mint, cranberry sauce and £15.95

Lasagne, chips and salad £9.75

Farmhouse Curry, Rice and Pappadums £9.75

Gammon and Pineapple, chips and peas £9.75

Half a Roast Duck, Brandy or Cherry sauce and vegetables £13.95

Chicken Breast with Spinach, Mushrooms and Goats Cheese & vegetables £9.45
Deep Fried Scampi, chips and peas £10.45

Half Roast BBQ Chicken, Salad & Chips £10.45

Portabello Mushrooms with ratatouille and Goats cheese, topped with pine nuts, Salad & new pots £9.45

Butternut Squash, spinach Almonds and brie, redcurrant sauce, vegetables and new potatoes £9.45






Yew Tree Prawn Platter, garlic mayonnaise, sauté potatoes and salad £15.45

Poached Salmon, brandy prawn and mushroom sauce and vegetables £13.95

Pan fried Duck breast, forest berry and red wine sauce, roasted veg & sweet mash £14.95

Vegetarian Italian crespelle, Salad & Chips £9.45

Braised Lamb Shank, forest berry sauce, herby mash and vegetables £13.95



Prawn and marie rose sauce £13.95

Home cooked Ham & pineapple £9.45

Turkey & stuffing £9.45

Cheddar cheese & pineapple £8.95


Sirloin £19.95

Rump £16.95

Childrens menu (under 12's)

Chicken chunks £4.95

Beef Burger £4.95

Sausage £4.95
Fish Fingers £4.95




Main Courses




Childrens menu (under 12's)

Menu content and prices are subject to availability and may change

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